Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm doing a giveaway! Free Esmerelda mix-tape bangle to the winner of this contest!

All you have to do is post this button somewhere on the internet - it can be in your blog, on a message board, your MySpace profile, upload it to Flickr, post it on your website, just make a link to it in the etsy fora - anywhere! Make sure it links back here! If you're worried about it looking like spam, you can offset that by actually browsing through my blog and letting your readers know a little bit about the blog, and my two etsy shops IvyTeakettle and Aephemera.

Copy this code and paste it somewhere:

Then comment on this entry with your email address and a link to wherever you posted the button, and I'll draw the winner from a hat on the first of May! Good luck!


redd said...

woo woo! i did it!

your stuff is so awesome!
you have talent oozing out from orifices you didn't even know you had!

TexasTesla said...

I've added your button to my blog - and you can contact me there or through my etsy shop.

Cory! said...

I posted the banner thing to my MySpace!! you and your orifices do an awesome job with the art!! je t'aime!

Kate E. Austin said...

Not to self: Also, Kara Woomer made a myspace bulletin about it, so she's entered in the running.

TR said...

Hey I posted it to my MySpace,


Take care Kate!!!

TR Remsen

A Splash of Colour Boutique said...

I hope Im not to late kate, ive put it on my etsy shop my myspace bulletin, and

so that makes three.. cant wait to see..

Kate E. Austin said...

Splash of colour boutique, I can't see your blog or contact you through it unless I sign up. If you're still interested in a bangle, please email me at