Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Studiomate needed!

Well, our studiomate Zack Zoll is looking to move out, and that leaves us with a gap in the rent. Right now, it's Casey the Candy Thief (seamstress and funkmaster), Steve Gallucci (piano rockstar) and me (messy person visual artist-slash-stuffmaker).

The studio's on the third floor of The Shirt Factory, which, in case you didn't know, is an artist's community in Glens Falls on the corner of Cooper and Lawrence Streets.

- There's 1200 square feet of room total and you'd get a corner of that.
- There's a sink handy, we have fridges and a microwave you can use, and a fetching green couch.
- The bathroom's close, down the hall.
- You can paint your walls any color you choose.
- You can get in to do your thing any time you want.
- You can keep and do whatever you want there (as long as it's not stinky, dead or [very] illegal).
- Lots of light.
- Casey, Steve and I are pretty awesome.
- It's great for artists, crafters, musicians, or people in need of some storage space.
- It's $150 a month.

Interested? Drop a line, we'll talk. I have pictures, or can give you a tour.

Friday, October 10, 2008

mantras, wishes and prayers.

Tonight I won a prize at bjsartworks' "From Victim to Victory: A Domestic Violence Awareness Project" art show. It was a good show - normally I'm not wowed by every single piece in a show, but there was so much emotion in every single one of them that I really was in awe. The reception itself was powerful, too, with a sing-along and original song by Pam Barker, who had inspired Bev Saunders to put this show together.

The painting I put in is called "STOP." I have a way of trying to use my art as a way to wish, pray, do mantras or voodoo or - I don't know what. It's like if I painted this hard enough, it would stop. I've done that with others - if you look on the website's gallery and click "Tell the Sky" or "Wish" you'll see the same sort of thing. Let's hope this stuff works.

Here's the winning painting, and the ribbon. Thanks to Bev for putting it all together - this was a really wonderful show and I'm glad I could be a part of it.


Bjsartworks is located on the second floor of The Shirt Factory, on the corner of Lawrence and Cooper Streets in Glens Falls, New York. The show is up until Halloween, and I really recommend checking it out.