Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Someday we'll be somebody's dead grandparents.

I haven't really played much with any kind of photoshop for years and years. I used to do much more with it, but it was mainly wanky self-portraits. I was feeling lovey yesterday so I toodled around with GIMP and came up with this. I'm pretty happy with it, despite the fact that it's really low-res. Maybe I'll play more with this... I had fun.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Revolution Money Exchange!

Okay, so. Revolution Money Exchange. RME. Seems like the consensus, from what I've read on the etsy forums, is that it's completely legit, a company that is starting up competition with PayPal. Works pretty much exactly like PayPal, but they're just starting out, so they've got all these promos - including one that gives you $25 if you sign up by 5/15. Today. Yes, they need your SSN and bank account number, because you're opening a bank account. Everything I have read says that it's completely safe and legit. Also, for every person you refer, you get an additional $10 to spend wherever RME is accepted. Today I got a convo from a buyer asking if I accepted RME. I think this is going to be a really widespread thing. So....

Here's the link:

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money ExchangeAnd yeah, if you sign up with this link I get $10. But you'll get $25! Also, now my three shops Aephemera, Ivy Teakettle, and Idiotic Idioms ALL accept RME - so if you're shopping around with your free $25, be sure to check them out!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

US Artists - You are about to lose all your rights.

This is scary! Please take action and pass on to artists you know.

As an artist, you have to read this article or you could lose everything you've ever created!

An Orphaned Work is any creative work of art where the artist or copyright owner has released their copyright, whether on purpose, by passage of time, or by lack of proper registration. In the same way that an orphaned child loses the protection of his or her parents, your creative work can become an orphan for others to use without your permission.

If you don't like to read long articles, you will miss incredibly important information that will affect the rest of your career as an artist. You should at least skip to the end to find the link for a fantastic interview with the Illustrators' Partnership about how you are about to lose ownership of your own artwork.

Currently, you don't have to register your artwork to own the copyright. You own a copyright as soon as you create something. International law also supports this. Right now, registration allows you to sue for damages, in addition to fair value.

What makes me so MAD about this new legislation is that it legalizes THEFT! The only people who benefit from this are those who want to make use of our creative works without paying for them and large companies who will run the new private copyright registries.

These registries are companies that you would be forced to pay in order to register every single image, photo, sketch or creative work.

It is currently against international law to coerce people to register their work for copyright because there are so many inherent problems with it. But because big business can push through laws in the United States, our country is about to break with the rest of the world, again, and take your rights away.

With the tens of millions of photos and pieces of artwork created each year, the bounty for forcing everyone to pay a registration fee would be enormous. We lose our rights and our creations, and someone else makes money at our expense.

This includes every sketch, painting, photo, sculpture, drawing, video, song and every other type of creative endeavor. All of it is at risk!
Click here to read the rest of the article - CRITICAL information!: http://mag.awn.com/index.php?ltype=pageone&article_no=3605&page=1
More info: http://www.illustratorspartnership.org/01_topics/article.php?searchterm=00185
A petition: http://capwiz.com/illustratorspartnership/issues/alert/?alertid=11323791
Discuss in etsy forums: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5604578&page=1

Remember, signing a petition is definitely action, but it's not as effective as writing an actual letter! I've heard it said that an actual e-mail is worth 6 petition signatures, that a hard copy letter is worth 6 e-mails, and that a handwritten letter or phone call is worth 6 hard copy letters!

Let's be LOUD about this!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Be who you are, Love who you know.

50% of the proceeds from the sales of this necklace will be donated to a local LGBT group called The Bridge. The Bridge is run by Andrea Adams, an absolutely amazing woman who started the organization only a few years ago. Now it is a full-blown organization with events, programs, testing, and groups. Wear this necklace proudly to be who you are and love who you know!

STAND PROUD necklace

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Now you can purchase Idiotic Idioms!

Now, archival museum-quality giclee prints of Idiotic Idioms are available! Visit http://idioticidioms.etsy.com to check out the shop.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Winner of the giveaway!

I wanted to let you know that EVERYONE who participated in the giveaway will be receiving an Esmerelda Mix Tape Bangle. Thank you all for your help promoting this blog, and Congratulations!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New show, Post Star coverage, and the LGBT Meet & Greet

Well, I've hung the show at Wallabee's! Yesterday I skipped out of work early to hang the show. My wonderful boyfriend Cory helped me by running all over town when I realized I forgot to pack nails, and that I wanted a painting that was hanging at my apartment. It looks nice, I think... and is my THIRD show that's up right now! I've got one at the Lake Sunapee Bank in Killington, Vermont, one at Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe at 19 Exchange Street in Glens Falls, and now the one at Wallabee's Jazz Bar right across the street!

I was also in the Glens Falls Leader that came out yesterday. This week, if you're in town, pick them up someplace and check out the insert covering roundtable discussion on the State Of The Arts! I think they transcribed it from the audio tape they took, so when you read it, I seem a little disjointed... There are three pictures total of me in there, though - pretty exciting news!

Tonight is the LGBT Meet & Greet at Wallabee's Jazz Bar. It's put on by The Bridge and is sure to be a great time. Andrea Adams of The Bridge asked me to put my work on the walls at Wallabee's, and they'll be raffling off a couple prints of mine. I can't wait! I made a special pair of rainbow chainmaille earrings for the occasion... Check out the event and come OUT tonight!