Thursday, May 1, 2008

New show, Post Star coverage, and the LGBT Meet & Greet

Well, I've hung the show at Wallabee's! Yesterday I skipped out of work early to hang the show. My wonderful boyfriend Cory helped me by running all over town when I realized I forgot to pack nails, and that I wanted a painting that was hanging at my apartment. It looks nice, I think... and is my THIRD show that's up right now! I've got one at the Lake Sunapee Bank in Killington, Vermont, one at Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe at 19 Exchange Street in Glens Falls, and now the one at Wallabee's Jazz Bar right across the street!

I was also in the Glens Falls Leader that came out yesterday. This week, if you're in town, pick them up someplace and check out the insert covering roundtable discussion on the State Of The Arts! I think they transcribed it from the audio tape they took, so when you read it, I seem a little disjointed... There are three pictures total of me in there, though - pretty exciting news!

Tonight is the LGBT Meet & Greet at Wallabee's Jazz Bar. It's put on by The Bridge and is sure to be a great time. Andrea Adams of The Bridge asked me to put my work on the walls at Wallabee's, and they'll be raffling off a couple prints of mine. I can't wait! I made a special pair of rainbow chainmaille earrings for the occasion... Check out the event and come OUT tonight!

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